Five tips on how to save time and money on translations

Did you know that your deadline and the amount of text that is to be translated matter? These parameters decide how much your translation is going to cost.
Here are five general tips on what you can do to reduce your translation costs and save time during the translation process:

1. Plan your translation deadlines ahead

Time is a cost factor. When you have an urgent task that has to be delivered tomorrow, some language service providers will charge more. A reason for this may be that the available translators have to work extra hours outside their normal working hours to keep the short deadline.
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2. Think about the amount of text that needs to be translated

If you only have small text segments that need to be translated, it will often be cheaper for you to gather more text and then send it for translation. Language service providers often have a minimum price on small text segments and it will therefore be more costly to send several minimum price assignments rather than sending them all at once.
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3. Consider machine translation

If time is of the essence and your text is very standardised, you could consider trying machine translation. It is a faster and cheaper way to get a large amount of text translated. But you should be aware that there are many factors that machine translation software is unable to take into consideration, such as the text’s context, nuanced language and cultural aspects. 
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4. Exploit your translation memory

Make sure that your language service provider uses translation memories. A translation memory is a database that saves all of your previously translated texts in order to make sure that you don’t have to pay to have something translated twice. The more content you can reuse from your translation memory, the more you will save.

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5. Cheap is not always cheapest

— think about quality

If you have quotes from different language service providers and one is considerably cheaper than the others, you should ask yourself: why? You should not choose price over the quality of your translation. Often the price is so cheap because the language service provider does not use qualified and highly trained native language translators. Bad translations can damage your company’s image and in worst case scenario you will have to spend even more money on having the bad translation corrected.
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