Tips for your review process

There can be a lot of good reasons for why your company wants to review your translations before they are published or printed. On this page we provide you with our best tips to help make your review process as effective as possible.

1. Choice of internal reviewer

Reviewing translations might seem like an obvious task for a student assistant or a new employee as a way of enabling them to become familiar with your products, tone of voice and terminology. But in fact the review process presents you with the opportunity to catch the very small details that need to be adjusted so that your text perfectly meet your requirements. This is why we recommend that you choose an in-house reviewer who knows your company really well. The more knowledgeable your reviewer is about your products, services, procedures, tone of voice and terminology, the better they are at adjusting the text.

2. Allocate time to the task

A professional review of a translation takes time. There are no short cuts. The reviewer cannot simply skim the translated text. He or she must carefully read the text and keep a critical eye on each sentence, while at the same time focusing on your stylistic preferences and terminology. It is therefore important that the employee that you choose as your internal reviewer is allocated the time necessary to carry out the review.
Time is a relevant factor throughout the whole translation process. How so? We explain here.

3. Consistent corrections create better results today and tomorrow

When you make a change in a translation, remember to be consistent with the change throughout the whole text. When the style and tone, choice of spelling and terminology used in a text is consistent, the text is perceived as being much more professional and complete – today and tomorrow. We implement all of your changes in your specific translation memory (TM), which is a database with all of the specific translations that we have carried out for you. We always use as much text as possible from your TM in the next translation tasks. To ensure uniformity in your texts today and tomorrow, it is also important that changes made in individual texts are made consistently.

4. Use the World Translation Review Portal

It sounds a bit time consuming, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. World Translation has developed a browser-based portal specifically for reviewing translations, making it as simple and streamlined as possible. The review portal is extremely user-friendly and contains all of the functions that your reviewer needs. The portal is also integrated with our translation tool and your corrections are automatically implemented in the translation and saved in your translation memory.

Some of the many benefits of the review portal:

  • Manages all file formats, which can be saved as a PDF file.
  • The reviewer automatically receives an email when the task is ready for review.
  • Terminology can be connected, a change history can be viewed and comments can be added to the translation.
  • Text can be reviewed in layout using the visual review function.

Would you like to learn more about World Translation’s Review Portal? To learn more, click here.