Five big language and translation trends in 2020

A new decade is just around the corner. What better excuse to take a peek into the future and see which big trends will dominate in 2020? The translation industry is never still – which means we are constantly exploring new ways to provide you with an even better and faster service. Take a look with us, as we peek into the near future and see some of the big language and translation trends that will dominate in 2020.

Maybe the heading is slightly misleading. We’re not saying that we THINK there is a need for more languages. It’s what the world’s internet users are demanding. The number of non-English speaking internet users is increasing. All over the world, ever greater numbers of groups of people are going online, which requires translations into new languages. ‘New’ as in new online. Just take a look at internet users in the Middle East and Africa where the numbers are exploding – the text can’t just be in English when they go online. This means that companies who want to stay competitive in international markets – especially in new and growing markets – are going to have to translate their texts into many more languages.