Better done than perfect – when speed is of the essence

Even though high quality is, naturally, a key aspect in professional texts, there are times when you simply have to have a result here and now.

Machine translation is a fantastic option for texts you primarily need to understand or pass on quickly, without every tiny detail necessarily having to be perfect.

You control what happens with your data

A veritable flood of free, publicly accessible machine translation solutions are available. They are smart – admittedly – but they come with something of an elephant in the room: your data and information may possibly be saved by an unknown third party. This comes with an inherent risk that your data could be used for other purposes without your being aware of it.

With our machine translation software, you never need be nervous about your information ending up in the wrong hands.

What would you like?
Types of  machine translation

Rå maskinoversættelse

Raw machine translation

The fastest, most economical solution: your text is simply translated by a machine without any subsequent optimisation. This means that no work will be done on context, cultural differences and semantic niceties. Nor is any proofreading involved.

Light post-editing

Light post-editing

Your text is machine translated and then checked by a translator. No changes are made to the style and tone – the translator focuses exclusively on content issues and grammatical errors.

Full post-editing

Full post-editing

Your machine translation undergoes a complete review by a human translator, who works to optimise the grammar, syntax, semantics and style to match your chosen target group.

Best suited to:

Texts that simply need to be understood, without worrying whether they look a bit “machine translated” (internal documents, emails, minutes of meetings and the like).

Best suited to:

Texts that need to be correct and accurate, but not necessarily idiomatic and fluent (certain types of technical documentation, for instance).

Best suited to:

Texts that need to be correct, accurate and of high quality, without being especially creative or localised (for example, manuals, handbooks and such).

Translations to go
with InstantTranslate

You can use our browser-based Language Portal to generate your own machine translation quickly and securely, no matter where you may be.

Moreover, when you use InstantTranslate, you also draw on the existing translation memory that we have built up for you, comprising all your texts previously translated by our freelance translators. A more bespoke machine translation would be hard to find!

Bestem selv, hvor dine data er gemt_neg
You decide where your data is stored
Lynhurtig oversættelse_02_neg
Lightning fast translation
Omkostningseffektiv ressource_neg
Cost-effective resource

Your personal translation memory.
Reliable, flexible and always available

An entire database packed with your company’s most important phrases and expressions, which only you and your translation agency can access and maintain.
Does that sound interesting?

If so, take a closer look at our Language Portal, which consists of four different functions designed to help you in your work with texts and translations.

You can choose a solution containing all four functions, a select few or just a single one. What is most important to us is to ensure that your specific requirements are covered.

Translation (Language Portal)

Use professional tools to create your own translations.

Review (Language Portal)_02

Check and modify our translations from your own desktop.

InstantTranslate (Language Portal)

Fast, straightforward machine translation – with your own translation memory – in just a couple of clicks.

Terminology (Language Portal)_02

Find expressions and technical terms in your own, company-specific dictionary; available everywhere.

Why use the Language Portal?

Opret, justér og anvend_orange
Create your own translations
or modify ours
Få hjælp fra eksperter_orange
Access help from experts
when you need it
Lad maskine klare arbejdet_orange
Let the machine handle the work
when speed is of the essence
Bestem selv, hvor dine data er gemt_orange
Protect texts and expressions
from falling into the wrong hands

Did you know …

… that with our Language Portal, just a couple of clicks is all you need to run your own machine translation in a secure environment?

You ask – we answer

Which languages can you translate into?


A great many! Right now, we translate into 75 target languages in 250 language combinations. And our range of languages is expanding all the time.

This is one of the big advantages of our model, which is based on a global network of freelance translators: every time a new need emerges, we recruit a language specialist who has what it takes to handle it.

To see the list of (some of) our languages, click here.

How much does a translation cost?


A number of parameters determine the cost of a specific translation.

These include the type of text, the language combination and the size of the Translation Memory we have built up for you.

We always quote you the best possible price based on these parameters.

To find out more about pricing, click here.

Which industries do you translate for?


We work primarily – and most regularly – with companies active in the fields of transport & logistics, software, data & IT, robot technology, agriculture, industry and trade & service.

However, we cover many more areas than that, and we have translators with a variety of specialities on our books.

For an overview of our leading industries, click here.