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Your product or service may be the best in the business, but if your company doesn’t appear in searches for the relevant keywords, you won’t attract any attention. This is a critical consideration, given that many decisions to purchase are based on online research.

With a strategic, holistically oriented approach to international SEO, we can help you to deal with keywords, Google Ads and meta descriptions in your target groups’ languages. This can both improve your general visibility and improve the quality of your leads.

Translation technique for international SEO

It all starts with identifying the most relevant and most regularly used keywords in each target language. A direct translation of the keywords in your source language is rarely the optimal approach, given that cultural differences often come into play.

Once the ideal keywords have been localised for each individual language, they are woven into your web texts so that they become a natural part of your presentation. In this way, you can be sure of locally relevant texts that can help give you an edge in the SEO crowd thronging each individual market.


Did you know …

… that your input with regard to strategic SEO initiatives need not be equally strong on all markets and in all sectors? This is defined by parameters such as the context and the competitive situation.

Optimal results with recognised technology

No hype –
pure experience

We cannot claim to be ahead of the curve in every respect. On the other hand, we’re pretty good at spotting what works. That is why we utilise modern, tried, tested and recognised technology.

Using CAT tools, we bring individual translation memories and terminology bases into play, using solutions such as RWS Trados Studio and MemoQ.

And yes, we also handle WordPress

As an official WPML translation partner, we can make the exchange of web texts and the importation of translations faster and smoother than ever before.

Just a couple of clicks are all you need to send texts to us for translation and then receive the translated texts back in your WordPress solution. Ready to import at the click of a button.

Did you know …

… that with the right plugins and connectors, you can have your translations delivered directly to your system? Ready to import and publish.

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What is SEA?

SEA stands for “Search Engine Advertising”, and the term refers to paid advertising in search engines. You may also know SEA under the alternative abbreviation of PPC (Pay Per Click).

If you choose to work with SEA in your marketing, you are sure to encounter some extremely tight restrictions on the length of the texts in your advertisements. This can present quite a challenge if you want to start advertising in other languages. That is why it is important to work with a language expert who understands the challenge – and knows how to tackle it.

You ask – we answer

Which languages can you translate into?


A great many! Right now, we translate into 75 target languages in 250 language combinations. And our range of languages is expanding all the time.

This is one of the big advantages of our model, which is based on a global network of freelance translators: every time a new need emerges, we recruit a language specialist who has what it takes to handle it.

To see the list of (some of) our languages, click here.

How much does a translation cost?


A number of parameters determine the cost of a specific translation.

These include the type of text, the language combination and the size of the Translation Memory we have built up for you.

We always quote you the best possible price based on these parameters.

To find out more about pricing, click here.

Which industries do you translate for?


We work primarily – and most regularly – with companies active in the fields of transport & logistics, software, data & IT, robot technology, agriculture, industry and trade & service.

However, we cover many more areas than that, and we have translators with a variety of specialities on our books.

For an overview of our leading industries, click here.

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