Build your own reference resource for the whole company

To ensure you speak the same language. After all, the most effective approach is to agree on what you’re talking about, and how you talk about it. Not just within your own company, but also – and in particular – in your external communication.

Your terminology database will be linked to all your translation projects to ensure that the language specialists who handle your translations have ready access to your specific terms and expressions while they work. That’s how we ensure that the terms and expressions you have defined are used consistently in all languages when we process your texts.

What is a terminology database (or termbase)?

A terminology database/termbase is your company-specific dictionary. It is a compilation your technical terms, containing definitions, images and context descriptions for reference. Browser-based and stocked with whatever languages you need.

How to build up a terminology database

All roads lead to Rome. And a couple of them also lead to your personalised termbase:

  1. You send us a list of the words and expressions you want included in your database, ideally with explanations, definitions and even images. Our skilled language specialists then translate the terms and expressions and we return everything to you for final approval.
  2. You send us examples of texts your company uses. Our language specialists read through them and extract the terms and expressions which, in their expert eyes, appear to be keywords in your terminology.
    You approve the list and we launch the translation process for the languages you need.

The benefits of a terminology database

Brugere af termbasen_orange
Termbase users can check terms and expressions, no matter where they may be.
Hurtigt overblik over definitioner_02_orange
Fast overview of definitions,
comments and context.
Hjælper nye medarbejder_orange
Can provide a quick introduction
to products, terms and definitions
for new employees.

An adaptive reference resource

There is no need to gather together all your additions and amendments for implementation in the next edition of your “dictionary”. An online termbase is a flexible solution designed to be adjusted and expanded on an ongoing basis. By you or by us – as agreed.

You can even highlight prohibited terms if any words or expressions should crop up that must never – under any circumstances – be used at your company.

Use your termbase in our Language Portal

If you use one or more of the solutions in our Language Portal, they will of course be linked to your termbase as well.

In those cases where you handle your translations in-house, you have access to the terminology database. And when you review translations from our professional translators, you can make sure that they have applied your terminology correctly. You can even have your terminology resource open when you run a quick machine translation in InstantTranslate. Smart – if we say so ourselves.

Did you know …

… that we only translate sections of text that have changed in relation to translations we have previously done for you?

This means you can save more and more money in the long run!

A word from your language expert

“Working intensively with terminology can provide a deeper understanding of the customer’s projects, and that understanding is invaluable to our working relationship. Building up and maintaining a terminology database demands close dialogue between the customer, the project manager and the translator. There is almost nothing more satisfying than geeking your way through a thorough preparatory phase so that all future translations run smoothly and match the customer’s brand and tone of voice to a T.”

Head of Project Management

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