Leave competitors behind – use the latest translation technology

Highly trained and qualified native language translators are a crucial parameter in achieving professional, high-quality translations. However, it is not just language that plays an important role in an optimal translation process. The correct technology is just as important. World Translation uses all of the leading translation tools available on the market to ensure that professional expertise and language technology work together. This means we can provide you with cost-effective quality translations.

Using the correct translation technology makes the process easier for you. You can order tasks online. Data is exchanged automatically. We manage your terminology to ensure that there is a uniform use of language in all of your documents. We can reuse translated text in your future projects. There are no limits. You decide how much you would like to utilise our technological options. We adapt to suit your needs and preferences.

Terminology management

Do you seek consistent translations that use the correct specialist terminology? Terminology management ensures that your company’s specialist terminology is used correctly. Working in close collaboration with you, we structure and collect your company’s specific terminology and build a termbase. The termbase will be used with all of your translations, to ensure uniform use of language, save time and reduce costs. In addition, you can also access and maintain your terminology via a web portal.


World Translation can provide a whole portfolio of 25 out-of-the-box connectors for different types of systems: CM systems, e-commerce platforms, customer service platforms, documentation management systems and much more. With a connector for one or several of your systems, you acquire a completely new approach to the management of content in several languages. With a connector you eliminate the need for unnecessary manual tasks.

Translation tools

Today, nearly all translations are carried out using translation tools, also known as CAT tools. The use of a translation tool means it is possible for us to connect customer-specific translation memories with a termbase. This ensures that you get the most optimal, cost-effective and highest quality translation solution possible. We use translation tools like SDL Trados Studio, Across and STAR Transit.

Customer portal

World Translation provides you with a translation management platform. Using our free, browser-based customer portal, you can order translation tasks online, see overviews of your ongoing projects and transfer large files quickly, securely and easily. In addition, the online platform is connected with our translation API, so you can automate the translation process at the same time.