At World Translation we help you with solutions that meet your language requirements, and our talented team of experts are ready to help. But now we have created a platform where you can independently work with professional language technology.

We call this platform of solutions the Language Portal

Keep reading to learn about what the Language Portal contains and how its different solutions may be relevant for you and your colleagues.

Our Language Portal consists of four different solutions. You can get access to all four solutions, or you can choose one or more of the solutions according to your needs. It all depends on your situation and preferences in relation to how much you want to be involved in the translation process.

Language Portal’s four solutions

1. Translation Solution

The Language Portal’s Translation Solution is relevant for you if you manage some or all of your translations personally and want to systematise the process.

The solution makes it possible for you to work with a CAT tool designed for translation. You can work with Translation Memories (TMs) – where your translations are saved, so you can use them with future projects. It ensures that new translations are consistent with previous projects, because you can look up text in your own database at all times. It makes the work a lot more efficient and you can collaborate with your colleagues and reuse content from previous translations, so you do not have to start from scratch.

To learn more about our Translation Solution, click here.

2. Review Solution

The Language Portal’s Review Solution allows you to read and review the translations that our translators have carried out for you.

This solution is for you, if you don’t have the resources and/or time to do the translation personally, but you have the language proficiency required to proofread and review the translation. And it is for you, if you want to be actively involved in the process and have the opportunity to make adjustments, changes or add comments to the translated text before it is finally delivered to you.

To learn more about our Review Solution, click here.

3. Machine Translation Solution

The Language Portal’s Machine Translation Solution – InstantTranslate – is for you, if you sometimes need to have a long or a short text translated immediately and without any stringent quality requirements. For example, it may be a response in an e-mail thread or a file that “just” needs to be understood here and now.

InstantTranslate is also for you, if you don’t want to use the various freely available public-accessible machine translation solutions where your text is processed in an unsecure way. For example, perhaps your text is confidential or contains sensitive information.

InstantTranslate is also unique because your TMs and term-bases are connected to it at the same time, so that it does not translate everything from scratch.

To learn more about our Machine Translation Solution, click here.

4. Terminology Solution

The Language Portal’s Terminology Solution provides you and your colleagues with direct access to your company’s terminology database. This means that you can look up your company’s terms and phrases whenever you want to.

A practical example:

You are in a dialogue with a colleague at their location in Spain. You speak English together, but you want to make sure that you are both talking about the same component.

With access to the Language Portal’s Terminology Solution, you can quickly and precisely look up the term in your company’s terminology database and find the correct Spanish translation.

To learn more about our Terminology Solution, click here.


Are you uncertain about which solution or solutions are relevant for you?

Read four different scenarios here:


Your company has the in-house resources to carry out translations without external help. However, you regularly need one or several of the following things:

You require some translations immediately, and these translations do not necessarily have to be of the highest quality, but they must match your other content (you have access to the company’s TM).

You need a large quantity of text to be translated in a very short period of time, which will be used in order to understand a topic.

You need material to be translated for in-house processing, and you want to reuse your “old” texts as much as possible.

If one or more of the above situations apply to you, the Language Portal’s Machine Translation Solution (InstantTranslate) is the ideal solution. You can carry out machine translation of a single word, sentence or whole passages and texts and have the translation immediately.

The solution is comparable to but not the same as using Google Translate or other similar free machine translation solutions. There are several advantages to using InstantTranslate:

Your translation is carried out in a secure system, so you can be sure that your texts do not end up somewhere on the internet.

It reuses as much of your previously translated texts as possible. This ensures consistency between texts.

If your company uses very specific specialist terminology that you have systematised in a terminology database with us, you can combine access with InstantTranslate with access to the terminology database.


Professional and error free communication in every market, at all times, is alpha and omega for your company. You prioritise having your translations done professionally, and you have the resources, desire and language proficiency required to proofread and review the translations. This way you ensure that the translations match your tone of voice and specialist terminology.

With access to the Language Portal’s Review Solution, you can:

View the source text and translation side by side for optimal comparison.

Make corrections directly in the translation.

See the translated text in the finished layout.

See your changes in the layout in real time.

See the match rate with your TM for each single segment.


Your company has excellent internal language resources and you have the language competencies required to carry out some of the translations yourself, while you may send certain project types or translations for specific languages to World Translation. You want to have your own work routines with translation systematised and streamlined.

If this is the case, then the Language Portal’s Translation Solution is the ideal solution for you. This is a professional translation tool. When you use this tool, you can carry out translations as efficiently as our professional translators. In addition, you can use your TMs, so you can reuse as much as possible of your previously translated texts – texts that you translated yourself, and texts that our translators translated for you.

In addition, sometimes you need things to happen quickly. Faster even than your own language people can do. If this is the case, then the Language Portal’s Machine Translation Solution is perfect. With access to InstantTranslate, you can carry out machine translation of entire texts, passages or single words in a secure system. You can also connect your TMs and termbases.

InstantTranslate provides you with the best basis for getting machine translated texts that are as good as they can possibly be.


Your company is a global business, operating in many languages and many markets. You have in-house employees who are language experts, carrying out translations into your language or into selected languages. Sometimes, you also need to use machine translation. For example, when you need a translation immediately and you only need to “get an understanding” of the text. You also have comprehensive and detailed specialist terminology, which must be used throughout the entire company.

Your internal language resources do not have the overall capacity to deal with the quantity of texts that require translation, which means you have to outsource some translation projects. For example, some specific project types or translations of some ‘minor’ languages in your company where you do not have the necessary in-house competencies.

In such cases, having access to all four solutions of the Language Portal is the ideal setup for you:

Translation: Your own CAT-Tool for systematising all of your in-house translations.

Review: A tool for reviewing your translated texts – either your in-house translated texts or texts that World Translation’s professional translators translated for you.

Machine Translation: A secure machine translation solution.

Terminology: Management of your defined terminology.

With access to all four solutions you will ensure the best basis for a streamlined, efficient and professional process in the flow of your in-house translated texts and language-related tasks.

At the same time, you will ensure that your own translations automatically merge with the tasks you send to your language partner. In the other words, the entire process cannot be more streamlined than this!

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