There will always be a need for professional and thoroughly checked translations – at the very least, we hope you agree. Because this is what we firmly believe at World Translation.

But sometimes time is in short supply

  • Sometimes you have to take the contents of a long report into consideration and there is very little time available.
  • Sometimes you only need to have a general understanding of a text and can immediately carry on the work on that basis.

  • Sometimes you may not require 100% accuracy or top quality

  • You may have received an e-mail where you have to immediately convey the message that it contains.
  • You need to have an overview of a large amount of text and decide on which parts you require to be professionally translated and which parts are not relevant.

  • At the same time, it is important for you and your organisation that the translation contains the company’s approved specialist terms and matches your other translated material.

    Using the Language Portal’s Machine Translation Solution, you also have the added bonus of using your company’s Translation Memory (TM). This means that as much content as possible is translated in the first instance using matches from your TM. Only passages that do not match with anything in your TM are machine translated.

    Secure, efficient and customer-specific machine translation

    Open and freely accessible machine translation solutions, such as Google Translate, can be used on a lot of things. However, you should realise that solutions like Google Translate are open solutions. If the content of your text is confidential or sensitive, you should exercise caution and be wary of using such open solutions.

    The Language Portal’s Machine Translation Solution – InstantTranslate – has some clear advantages in relation to this because it is a secure and closed system. You do not have to fear that your translations will be seen or used by others. They will not turn up in all corners of the internet.

    Another clear advantage of using InstantTranslate is that you can use your Translation Memories (TMs) and any terminology database that you have. When you translate a text in InstantTranslate, you will automatically reuse as much of your previously translated texts as possible. Only the content that is new will be machine translated.

    Once again, we ensure efficiency and consistency over time. Learn more about this under Language Portal’s Translation Solution.

    InstantTranslate is also an ideal solution for you, if you often need to gain insight into texts written in a foreign language and you don’t have much time to do it. For example, do you travel around a lot, visiting customers all over the world? Do you participate at many trade fairs? If this is the case, you will often need to understand texts immediately.

    You can access InstantTranslate anywhere – all you need is internet access. You simply log in via a browser and quickly and easily have the text machine translated. Secure, efficient and it reuses all of your previous translations at World Translation.

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