Translation is more than just translation. A translated text is often more than a 1:1 representation of the words in the source text.

A lot of elements can vary from language to language – specialist terms, language use, forbidden phrases, tone, style and much more.

And your company has its own specific tone of voice and perhaps even its own special product names. Or perhaps just an inexplicable preference for one phrase over another.

There can be many good reasons why you want to personally read through your translated texts before they are finally released and published. For example, your company’s specific terminology may not have been written down (yet) or you have not (yet) created a terminology database at World Translation for use with all translation projects.

By using the Language Portal’s Review Solution, the process is as streamlined and efficient as possible!

No more manual work and no more handwritten notes

No more manually inserting comments and corrections in a long PDF. No more crossing out lines and writing changes on a printed version, only to scan it once more and return it in the hope that your professional translator can read your handwriting.

The Language Portal’s Review Solution provides you with a professional setup, minimising the risk of human error and misunderstandings. You will see the translation alongside the original text on your screen. You can correct and adjust directly in the translated text and see the changes in real time in the layout-ready version of the translation at the top of the screen.

Your changes are saved in your Translation Memory (TM) with a simple click. This way you can be sure that your exact phrases can be used again in future projects.

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