This is you:

You personally carry out small translations tasks rather than outsource them.

And you used a really good phrase in a press release/user guide/sales brochure/[insert the text type most relevant to you], which you wrote three or four months ago. And now you want to use that phrase again.

Can you remember exactly which file it is in, or where exactly you saved the file?

Maybe not.

Or perhaps you even write a lot of texts that need to be quite similar. For example, your choice of terminology, product names or tone of voice have to be the same. In order to work effectively and to formulate your texts consistently over time you will therefore need to reuse as much previously written text as possible.

You can do all that work manually. But pretty soon you will find that you have a lot of files and texts, and it can get messy, disorganised and very time consuming. Even so, you would still prefer to manage your translations on your own.

In that case, the Translation Solution in World Translation’s Language Portal is the ideal solution for you!

This solution provides you with the possibility of working with a professional translation tool (CAT tool), specifically designed for translation projects. You can work in the same way that a professional translator works, for example, by using a Translation Memory (TM).

A TM is a database containing all your translations in the relevant language combination. This database works as a lookup tool, when you work on a new translation project. Your CAT tool automatically compares each source sentence with all your previous translated sentences to see if it can find a match.

If a match is found, you can choose to use it. Of course, you can also make changes if you feel it is necessary. This ensures that you work efficiently and consistently with your translations, and you eliminate the need to start from scratch every time.

Use previous translations carried out by professional translators

Perhaps now and then you have too much on your plate and are unable to do everything by yourself. If this is the case, the smart choice is to use World Translation’s large network of professional translators.

If you use the Language Portal’s Translation Solution, you will always be able to use translations that were carried out by professional translators in your own projects. Just as the professional translators can reuse your translations.

Once again, we ensure efficiency and consistency over time.

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