Save time and money on your review process

The review portal is a solution for companies who want to shape their translations in terms of linguistic style and terminology. The portal contains all of the functions that we know a professional reviewer needs when reviewing translations. Our review portal is a professional solution, which ensures an easy and quality-assured review process.

The review process must be easy and manageable

The review process can often be extensive and time-consuming because the process is usually manual. Typically, the reviewer reads a PDF and inserts comments or reads an eksport file with several hundred rows. The World Translation review portal has been developed to optimise this process for the purpose of creating an easier, less time-consuming and more quality-assured process when reviewing translations. In other words, the review process becomes an integrated part of the translation workflow.

When using the review portal, you can for example:

  • View and edit the translation in the original layout.
  • Check where in the translation the approved terminology has been used.
  • Filter for text segments in accordance with match categories, etc.

The review portal – an effective tool:

Browser-based solution

Getting started with using the review portal is easy and fast. The portal is browser-based, which means you do not need to install or download any software to use the portal.

File formats

The review portal is not limited to any single file format. The portal can deal with all file formats, which can be saved in PDF format. In addition, the review portal can also manage XML files.


Specific terminology can be connected when you carry out your review. With this function you ensure that your terminology will not be deleted or edited during the review process. A reviewer can easily get an overview over, where your terminology has been used in the translation.

Designed to meet the reviewer’s needs


The review portal is extremely user-friendly because it has been developed to ensure that everyone finds it easy to use. The portal has been developed with focus on all of the functions that we know a professional reviewer needs when reviewing translations.

Visual review function

See the layout of the translation that you are reviewing

Avoid misunderstandings when reviewing the translation by using the visual review function.
Using the visual review function means that at all times you can view the text and its layout, and quickly find parts of the translation that you want to change or add comments to. This function allows you to get a complete feel for the translations that you are reviewing.

A more automated and quality-assured process

By using the review portal for reviewing translations, the risk of errors occurring is reduced. Corrections are not made manually in files. They are executed automatically via the review portal, which will update the final files and your translation memory.

How do I get started?

Contact us and learn how you can start to use the review portal.
To help you effectively start to use the review portal, an online tour of the portal is available, which shows you how to use the portal and its many functions. There is also a quick guide available, which helps you to get started and which describes the portal’s functions.

Marion Randelshofer

Marion Randelshofer

Head of Translation Department


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