Customer-specific terminology management ensures uniformity in the translation

Consistent use of the company’s specialist terms via terminology management

It is important for translations that phrases and terms are translated uniformly every time. This creates consistency in the actual text and in future translations. Terminology management ensures that this happens. Working in close collaboration with you, we use terminology management to structure and collect your company’s specific terminology and build a termbase.

World Translation’s language experts create a termbase for the languages that texts are to be translated into. This termbase is specific to the customer and is confidential, which means it is only used with your translations. Using terminology management, we among other things, identify your company’s and industry-specific specialist terms, acronyms, abbreviations or forbidden terms, and at the same time define rules for how these should be used during the translation process. In addition, if you prefer, you can have several different termbases, for example, one for marketing texts and another for technical texts. The termbases belong to you.

Why is terminology management important?

The consistent use of the company’s terminology during the translation ensures that:

  • You save time by streamlining the process
  • You clarify clearly and avoid misunderstandings
  • You simplify quality assurance of the source text and the translated text
  • You have consistency in company communication and thus create greater customer satisfaction
  • You save money by increasing consistency in the source text and in the translation
  • You can reuse text and thus reduce costs
  • You save time on clarification of questions
  • You have a strong company identity

Software for professional terminology management

The terminology management process does not finish once the termbase has been built. We use the latest terminology management software to administer and constantly update the termbase. The software is connected to translation tools,which we use, so that our translators and project managers can work directly with the information, when they carry out translation or quality assurance tasks. For example, we work with SDL MultiTerm, crossTerm and TermStar NXT, to ensure that your translations are consistent.

SDL MultiTerm Online also provides you with the option of accessing your termbase online, which means you can personally administer and build up your terminology. At the same time your colleagues can use MultiTerm Online as a reference to clarify terminology questions.

In addition to using a termbase, we also use a translation memory when we translate text for you. A translation memory is customer specific and of course your translation memory is owned by you. By saving all of your translations in this translation memory, translated texts can be reused in future projects. This creates consistency in the translation, faster processing and fewer costs.

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