Translation management platform – customer portal and ordering of tasks

Benefits of using our translation management platform

World Translation uses Plunet BusinessManager to manage translation tasks. BusinessManager is one of the leading platforms in the translation industry. As our customer, you can also enjoy the benefits of this platform. World Translation can provide you with a translation management platform. You can order translation tasks online, see overviews of your ongoing projects and transfer large files quickly, securely and easily.

Plunet BusinessManager - customer dashboard
The BusinessManager Dashboard

A great advantage with BusinessManager is that it is browser-based. You do not need to purchase or install software to get started. In addition, World Translation provides a free customer portal. As our customer, you can either have a personal login with individual rights or a company login that is shared.

Functions available on our translation management platform

As a user of our translation management platform you can:

  • Create inquiries quickly and easily
  • Transfer data securely and easily
  • Confirm offers directly in the customer portal
  • See the status of your projects in real time
  • Gain an overview of ongoing and completed projects
  • Make reports and statistics of turnover figures, word counts, TM matches, and more

Direct contact with our customers is very important to us. Therefore, the translation management platform does not replace collaboration with our project managers. It simply provides you with the option of managing your translations online.

Online platform and automation

Are you interested in integrated translation API? Automation of the translation process is also an option in connection with our translation management platform. The transfer of data between your system and ours can be automated. Both parties will automatically receive a message once the file has been transferred. In addition, our translation software applications are integrated, and the proofreading process can be managed via the platform.

Learn more about automation on our web page about connectors.

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Marion Randelshofer

Head of Translation Department


Tel.: +45 86 20 48 40

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