Website translation via WPML

With WPML, we make sure that you can translate your WordPress site quickly and easily

Website translation made simple with smart integration

Today, your customers strongly base their purchasing decisions on information they find on the internet. If your company exports services or products, your success in international markets depends on your website being available in the respective country’s language. However, adding a language layer to a company’s website is easier said than done. Extracting the correct texts from the CMS, translating these texts and then returning them to the correct location can be challenging. To simplify this process for you, World Translation now offers an integrated solution with WPML – the market-leading plugin for building multilingual websites in WordPress.

World Translation is an official WPML translation partner. This means that, with just a few clicks, you can send your website texts to us for translation – we will translate them, and the translated texts will then automatically be inserted into your website. You do not even need to leave your WordPress platform.

Translate your website with just a few clicks

WordPress has the biggest share of the CMS market. Over 60% of CMS users work with the WordPress platform, and more than 43% of all websites run on the system. Nonetheless, WordPress does not have a built-in translation function. This is where WPML’s translation management function and our translators come into play. With just a few clicks, you can send your texts to us for translation, and we will handle everything from that point on.

Get started with World Translation

How does your company start to use WPML through World Translation? We’ve made it easy for you.
The Getting Started guide shows you what you need to do initially:

  • Install the necessary WPML plugins in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Ask for an activation code (API Token), which allows you to connect your site to World Translation.
  • Send the content that you want translated to World Translation via the WPML plugin in your WordPress dashboard. You will subsequently receive an offer.
  • You will receive the completed translations directly in your WordPress dashboard and can implement them on your site.

Do you want to know how much it costs? When you have installed WPML and are connected to World Translation via your activation code, you can use the WPML website word count tool to carry out a word count of your content. Send us the information about the total word count and we will send you an offer.

Read more about how you can use our translation service with WPML.

How does it work?

Translate exactly what you need when you need it

Once you have installed the WPML plugin, you can quickly and easily choose the pages that need translation and the language to which they should be translated.

Order the translation with just a few clicks

When you have selected the content, pick World Translation as the translation provider and send the relevant pages for translation by clicking a single button.

Receive the translation automatically, placed directly in the right location

After the translation, the content can be uploaded automatically so that it ends up in the right place on your site, with no effort on your part.

This is why you should let us translate your site with WPML:

administration of multilingual content
directly in WordPress
automation of the entire translation process
no copy-paste work
improvement of time-to-market thanks to a streamlined process
reduction of translation costs

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