What is e-learning?

E-learning (or e-training) is an umbrella term for all texts intended for online teaching, training and skills development. Typical types of e-learning text include:


User interface texts

Help texts

Learning content

Voice-over scripts


Supplementary material to download

Quiz questions

And more besides.

E-learning in practice: keep your staff up to date

How can you train new staff to use advanced systems and work methods? How can you ensure that your corporate culture and your values become second nature to them? And how can you help them understand complex products and services?

E-learning may be the way to go!

Strong partnerships

You ask – we answer

Which languages can you translate into?


A great many! Right now, we translate into 75 target languages in 250 language combinations. And our range of languages is expanding all the time.

This is one of the big advantages of our model, which is based on a global network of freelance translators: every time a new need emerges, we recruit a language specialist who has what it takes to handle it.

To see the list of (some of) our languages, click here.

How much does a translation cost?


A number of parameters determine the cost of a specific translation.

These include the type of text, the language combination and the size of the Translation Memory we have built up for you.

We always quote you the best possible price based on these parameters.

To find out more about pricing, click here.

Which industries do you translate for?


We work primarily – and most regularly – with companies active in the fields of transport & logistics, software, data & IT, robot technology, agriculture, industry and trade & service.

However, we cover many more areas than that, and we have translators with a variety of specialities on our books.

For an overview of our leading industries, click here.