What is marketing translation?

Translation of marketing material may involve texts such as:

Blog posts


Case studies




Press releases


Advertisements and advertising texts

SEO and web texts

Social media content



And more besides.

Strong partnerships

Do you know what you need?

You: “I’d like to order a translation, please.”

Us: “Certainly. It’ll be ready to collect in three days.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were that easy? But it isn’t. Sorry.

There is more to translation than “just” translating. There are multiple facets to the art of transforming a text from one language into another. Generally speaking, there are three buzzwords to know when your texts need just that: to be transformed.

Boost din troværdighed

It boosts your credibility

Styrk dit brand

It reinforces your brand

Sikre dit budskab

It helps you to get your message across

Øg din synlighed

It raises your profile

Elevate your profile with professional SEO translations

While it is one thing to have your website texts translated correctly, it is quite another to have them SEO-optimised for your new market. Your web texts might be the best in the world – but if they don’t help your company appear high on the list of search engine hits, they’re about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Hand-picked translators
who understand you and your game

Marketing translation is a rarefied discipline. Linguistic correctness always takes top priority, but when translating marketing material, there is often a tone of voice and a particular style that need to be replicated in the target language. This may involve elements of humour, plays on words, imagery and more besides.

That is why we always choose a translator with marketing experience to handle your marketing translation project. It makes a difference.

A word from your language expert

“I really enjoy working with marketing texts because their tone is often lively and vibrant. It’s fascinating to see how a single sentence can sometimes be translated in a variety of ways – there is no fixed wording for a given sentence. So if I were ever to work with actual translation, I would love to focus on marketing texts.

When it comes to marketing texts, the principal job of the translator is to sell the product and convince the end customer through the choice of words and phrasing. In some cases, the translator has to have the skill to deviate from the source text in order to deliver the most fitting translation. So in the same way as with every other type of project, it’s essential to bear in mind which translator is the best match for the project in question, or for the genre in general. While some translators are particularly good at handling legal or technical texts, for example, others are especially skilled in the field of marketing.”



Project Manager

You ask – we answer

Which languages can you translate into?


A great many! Right now, we translate into 75 target languages in 250 language combinations. And our range of languages is expanding all the time.

This is one of the big advantages of our model, which is based on a global network of freelance translators: every time a new need emerges, we recruit a language specialist who has what it takes to handle it.

To see the list of (some of) our languages, click here.

How much does a translation cost?


A number of parameters determine the cost of a specific translation.

These include the type of text, the language combination and the size of the Translation Memory we have built up for you.

We always quote you the best possible price based on these parameters.

To find out more about pricing, click here.

Which industries do you translate for?


We work primarily – and most regularly – with companies active in the fields of transport & logistics, software, data & IT, robot technology, agriculture, industry and trade & service.

However, we cover many more areas than that, and we have translators with a variety of specialities on our books.

For an overview of our leading industries, click here.