What is technical translation?

Technical translation encompasses texts such as:

Data sheets

Packaging texts

Approval documents

User guides



Product specifications


Safety information

System descriptions


And more besides.

Strong partnerships

World Translation er et ISO-certificeret oversættelsesbureau

Our standards are set in stone.
How about yours?

World Translation is certified to ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 standards.
These standards are quite demanding, which means that you can be absolutely certain that the quality we deliver is top notch.
Throughout the project process AND in the end product.

Are you certified according to the relevant standards for your sector?
In that case, this is information that all your markets need to know. We can help you translate it into all your relevant languages so the whole world can see that you have your house in order.

Multiple professional areas under one roof

Texts with a technical slant play a key role in many sectors.
We have years of experience with technical translation in the fields of transport & logistics, robot technology, machine production and software.

From A to Z:
What goes into one of our translation projects

Hand-picked translators with expertise in your professional area

Linguistic skills and sector-specific knowledge need to go hand in hand if a translation is to meet the highest standards.

That is why we work with a global network of freelance translators who are all wise in the ways of language – and bring a variety of areas of expertise to the table as well.

We have high standards for the education, experience and industry familiarity of our translators. We keep a close eye on quality. And we treat our translators as colleagues on equal footing with our in-house experts.

Documentation squared away with MadCap Flare

Single sourcing is an absolute gift for technical documentation! In fact, we are still amazed at just HOW brilliant the concept is.

It is for this reason that we have worked hard to become experts in handling the translation of files from the MadCap Flare application. Now that really is fantastic!

A word from your language expert

“Technical translation isn’t nearly as dull as you might think. On the contrary, all kinds of fascinating elements come into play. You have the chance to track the entire life cycle of a product, from the initial design sketches to delivery documentation, within a wide variety of sectors and using special software, document structures and formats.

The terminology also has to be right on the money in texts like these, which often encompass multiple areas – over and above the strictly technical section – in the same text: legal disclaimers and software, for example. This means an extra tip of the hat to the all-round professionalism of the translators, because not only do they master the linguistic aspect, but they also have a firm grasp of all kinds of machinery and technical topics.

A successful outcome in a project like this often demands a close working relationship with the customers, which is an aspect of the work that I really enjoy.”


Senior Project Manager

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