5 good reasons to get a professional website translation


Do you dream of reaching a global audience and realising the full potential of your business or organisation internationally?

With multilingual website content, you open up a world of limitless possibilities!

Here are five good reasons to get professional translators to translate your website:

1. Increase your accessibility

By offering your website content in different languages, you break language barriers and make your website more accessible to a wider range of visitors. Not only does this create a more inclusive experience for your international users, but it also opens the door to new markets and potential customers around the world.

2. Maximise your visibility

A multilingual website allows you to be discovered in search engines in multiple languages. By optimising your website with relevant keywords in different languages, you increase your chances of ranking highly in local searches and reaching a wider audience.

3. Build trust, commitment and loyalty

When your content is available in the users’ preferred language, you create a more personalised and trustworthy experience. People are more likely to engage, buy products and services and share your website when they can fully understand the content in their own language – whether it’s Swedish, Spanish, French or Chinese.

4. Adapt your content to cultural nuances

Every culture has its own nuances, tones and preferences. By adapting your content to different cultural backgrounds (we call this localisation), you show respect for diversity and avoid potential misunderstandings. This strengthens your reputation as a globally aware organisation.

5. Strengthen your competitiveness

In a globalised world, it’s important to stay competitive. Companies and organisations that are able to communicate in multiple languages have a significant advantage in the international market. You can stand out from the crowd by offering a multilingual website.

Website translation

Websites are different. They can be built in different CM systems.
They can have different purposes. And they can vary in scale and complexity.

Length restrictions are a separate issue. For example, in meta titles and meta descriptions. What’s the smartest way to handle length restrictions when some languages can take up to 30% more space than English, which may already be utilising all the characters allowed?

We successfully complete projects, whether they’re done in a few days, span six months or years, require an initial quality check of existing language layers or involve formats and texts with strict restrictions.

Case studies – what do others do?

Ten languages, length restrictions and a meticulous review process

Kamstrup A/S

Quality check of website and integration with wordpress

Viemose DGS

Amazon-friendly and SEO-optimized translations

Firtal Distribution ApS

A piece of advice:
Be sure of your priorities from day 1

Three factors typically come into play
when you need to have your website translated.
Sometimes all three fall into place.
But it’s a good idea to prioritise them on the basis of your specific situation.

Tid_hurtigt i mål_neg

Time – fast to the finish line


If your project needs to move quickly, it can be relevant to have several translators working on the assignment simultaneously.

Attraktive og adaptive priser_01_neg

Price – the most economical solution


If you’re constrained by a tight budget, we can work with you to look at different models involving machine translation.

Kvalitet – det bedste resultat_neg

Quality – the best result


If high quality is your prime concern, we recommend allocating a single translator and testing him/her on your content. That’s the best way to establish whether he/she matches your style.

Get off to a good start

Where do I start? What do I need to ask? What do I need to clarify?

We’ve put together 25 points for you to consider when you’re about to start translating your website.

Do you need your website translated into multiple languages at once?

It’s no problem for us to create content for your website in multiple languages at once! We work with a large network of professional translators with knowledge of all industries. With us, you’re guaranteed a hand-picked translator for all the target languages you need. And our large portfolio of language technology allows us to handle many foreign languages in a single project.

+75 target languages and
+250 language combinations
Aktive modersmålsoversættere_neg
native-language translators
Attraktive og adaptive priser_03_neg
Attractive and
adaptive prices

Automate this!

There’s no better feeling than discovering something new that can be automated, is there?
Well, you can also apply this to the translation of your webshop!

No matter what platform you use, there are typically plugins or integrations available to enable you to send content for translation with just a few clicks. Directly from your system to ours.

Official WPML partner

Do you also use WordPress and WooCommerce? If so, you’re probably already familiar with WPML. This plugin makes it possible for you, with just a few clicks, to send your pages to us for translation and then have the translated texts sent directly to your back end, ready to import as soon as you give the green light.

No web agency?
No problem!

Our ambition is to be your one-stop-shop. If you want one. This will eliminate the need to jump back and forth between contacts at the different agencies that are handling your translation, web solution, voice-overs and so on.

We’re used to working with agencies that specialise in areas other than ours. We’re happy to act as your anchorman so that you can concentrate on your own work.

Strong partnerships

A word from your language expert

“The key questions in relation to translating websites and webshops are: What needs to be translated, and what doesn’t? And is there anything that needs to be localised, adapting the actual content and targeting it at a new market?

We can receive web texts for translation in many formats: as HTML files, as XML files, through links to the website itself, or via WPML in WordPress.

The strategies our customers use can vary greatly, so we test and adapt our approach to each individual website on the basis of the customer’s wishes, requirements and expectations.”


Senior Project Manager

Services how may we help you?

Tekniske oversættelse_01

Technical translation

Manuals, instructions, product descriptions and more – when it comes to technical translation, we know it all.


Software translation

Want to distribute your app worldwide? Offer your software everywhere in the native language of your users.

E-commerce og hjemmesider_01

Webshop translation

Take advantage of our many years of experience in e-commerce translation and let us translate your webshop texts efficiently.


International SEO and SEA

Together with our native language experts, we adapt your texts to the search behaviour and keywords of your target groups in international markets.


Marketing translation

We can translate your entire range of marketing texts, including your product sheets, blog posts, Google Ads content and much more.

Opret, justér og anvend

Legal translation

When it comes to contracts, general terms and conditions, bylaws, powers of attorney and much more, precision and correct terminology are paramount for our native-speaking experts.

More services

Connectorer & WPML

Machine translation

Perfect texts are important. But sometimes it’s even more important to finish quickly.

Brugere af termbasen


With professional proofreading, we give your texts the necessary finishing touches. Because it’s the small details that convince your customers.

Terminology (Language Portal)_02


Stay true to your style. With a terminology database, we can keep track of your company-specific terms together.

DTP, layout & multimedia_02


At our translation agency, we’re happy to do the layout work on your files and deliver you back print-ready translations with the correct layout.

Reach the whole world
with your product