Choose the correct solution – our translation services

If you want to succeed with your services and products in the export market, your written materials need to be in order. To avoid misunderstandings and to increase satisfaction, it is advisable that your website, user manuals and other documents are written in your potential customers’ local language. When you sell a machine within the EU, it is also a legal requirement that the technical documentation is available in the country’s official language. There can be many things that need to be managed. Use World Translation’s services – saving you the hassle and worry.

What can we help you with?


We help Danish and international exporters expand globally and enter into new markets around the world. We provide professional high-quality translations – regardless of the type of text or language combination. Our native language translators are experienced in many specialist fields, so we can meet all of your requirements and preferences. Do you need to translate your user manuals, website, contracts or user interface?

International SEO

Do you have a website that needs to be translated into a new language, and do you want to create better visibility in the export market? Then let us help you with International SEO. We ensure that your company’s website appears in search results when a potential customer seeks your services and products. We establish keywords in the target language and include them in the translation of your website.


It is crucial that any minor or major textual, grammatical or stylistic errors are avoided, so that your company appears as credible as possible. Have your texts proofread at World Translation. Our professional proofreaders help you to make a good impression in more than 60 languages.

Machine translation

Do you need to translate a large amount of text in a very short space of time? Then machine translation is the ideal solution for meeting your needs. World Translation provides professional machine translation for selected tasks and in close collaboration with you, since a good result very much depends on the type of task, the language combination and the quality that you desire.

Desktop publishing

Save time and money by outsourcing post-translation desktop publishing and graphic layout tasks to World Translation. By integrating desktop publishing in the translation process, you receive print-ready files with the same layout as the source file. This means that you avoid having to use internal resources in laying out the text for each individual language. We use the latest desktop publishing tools, including: InDesign, FrameMaker, Word and QuarkXPress.