Scenario: Consultancy business selling products on Amazon for Danish companies

Firtal Distribution started in 2011, selling and marketing its own brands on Amazon with a mission to create expertise in delivering the best product pages with SEO-optimised texts and the sharpest marketing – in other words, to crack the code to achieving success on Amazon. Since its first day, Firtal Distribution has sold different international brands and launched new private label products on Amazon.

Now that Amazon is coming to Denmark, Firtal Distribution is using its many years of experience to provide a wide range of consultancy services for Danish companies who want to market and create success for their products internationally via Amazon.

Requirement: SEO-optimised product texts in fixed formats

Firtal came to World Translation because it needed to have texts for Amazon translated into French, Italian and Spanish. Firtal has the necessary resources and competencies to localise relevant keywords that are the best match for different products. Firtal sends a comprehensive list to their dedicated project manager at World Translation, who starts the translation process using specialised translators.

In order to be used, product texts for Amazon must comply with some very specific length restrictions and be suitable for fixed formats.

The most important focus for Firtal was therefore that the Amazon format’s length restrictions and layouts were complied with, while at the same time, as many of the relevant keywords as possible were used in the translation, which still had to flow and be of high quality.

“World Translation is an ideal partner for us when it comes to translating SEO-optimised product texts for use on Amazon. From the very beginning of the collaboration with World Translation, including our primary contact person Tine, World Translation has demonstrated huge interest in the project, willing to engage in close dialogue about how we can get the best results. We are very satisfied with the collaboration and the texts that we have received.”

– Amalie Hansen, Amazon consultant, Firtal Distribution ApS

Solution: Close dialogue with language and SEO experts

Based on this close dialogue and the preliminary reconciling of expectations between World Translation and Firtal, World Translation identified specific translators who had both the expertise in SEO-optimised translation and texts for e-commerce.

All of the parties involved became highly familiar with Firtal’s specific needs in relation to the format’s restrictions, keywords and the quality of the final text. For example, the texts for Amazon must have a specific length (can be neither shorter nor longer), contain introductory text and cover a specific number of bullet points.

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World Translation will be your active partner

At World Translation, we want to be more than a language service provider. We will be our customers’ active partner, exchanging and sounding out ideas, so that they get the best and most optimal translation process.

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