The number of web shops has only one direction to go: Up!

It has never been easier, quicker – or simpler in terms of technology – to open a web shop as it is now.

When your web shop is established and needs to grow, it is only natural that you focus on new markets. And when you do, it is essential that you get professional translators to translate your content.

Read on and learn more about our in-depth experience in the translation of web shops. You will learn about the most important elements that form the basis of a streamlined translation process and ensure the best results.

Here it is – use it and reap the benefits!

How important is your tone of voice?

If tone of voice is very important to your company then read on!

Clarifying your tone of voice or linguistic style is a very central part of the project “translate my web shop”.

Your web shop is your shop window and language (phrases, words, lightness, or seriousness) is its window display. If the shop is to remain recognisable over time, it is necessary that it has a common thread running through it.

If your source language has a very clear style, you may feel it is important to retain this in the translations. If so, using several different translators to carry out the task in order to get the job done quickly may not be the best solution.

It will be more important to find and use a single dedicated translator (per target language), whose translations match your preferences in relation to style and tone of voice. Get your language services provider to carry out one or more tests. Get involved in the process. If you do that, you will have a good basis for a satisfactory result.

HINT: There are many more tips that you would be wise to consider – we list them in “23 things you need to be clear about when translating your web shop”.

Download it now and use it to kick-start your own project “translate my web shop”.

Establish your priorities from the very first day of the project

Once the texts in the web shop are ready for translation, it is crucial that you clarify in-house what you believe are the most important factors:

  • Time: To finish the project quickly
  • Price: To find the least expensive solution
  • Quality: To get the best result
  • All three factors are valid. But no two web shops are identical.

    As a web shop owner, you need to know that you might not be able to get everything all at once. All three factors play their part. But it is a good idea to prioritise them on the basis of your needs.

    If you start by clarifying how you shall prioritise the three factors, you will get off to the best start. This prioritisation is also a good basis for a dialogue with your language services provider. When you are able to clearly inform them what is most important to you, your language services provider will be able to better identify the solutions that suit your situation best.

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    Depending on what you think is the most important factor in the process, we will have different recommendations and ideas for you.

    If time is the most important factor, having several translators involved in the task may be appropriate.

    If price is the most crucial factor, then we can discuss the use of different machine translation models.

    If quality is your number one priority, then we recommend that you are assigned a dedicated translator. We can carry out a test translation of your content and you can assess whether the translator matches your style.

    Learn about one scenario for web shop translation in our customer case: