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SEO and website translation continue to have growing importance in many companies.

Read on to learn about World Translation’s experience and expertise in this field, which you will draw on when you chose us as your language partner.

Website translation is a broad term – we are experienced in many of its aspects

Websites differ in many ways. They can be built in different CM systems. They can have different aims. And the scope of their complexity can vary greatly.

In addition, the relevance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) varies greatly in relation to entire sites and single landing pages. And this applies to each language. Then there is the issue relating to length restrictions, e.g. in meta titles and meta descriptions and how you deal with the issue where some languages can be longer – up to 30% longer – compared to English, when perhaps all of the available length is already used?

At World Translation, we successfully carry out projects. Regardless of whether they run for six months or a whole year, they require a preliminary check of the existing language layer or cover formats and texts with stringent restrictions.

No two website translation projects are the same. This is why you need a partner who has the ability to switch focus and carry out the preliminary work and tailor-make a solution for your specific language requirements.

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