Machine translation – a fast, effective and secure resource

Sometimes quality is paramount. Sometimes speed is what matters.
But who says you can’t have both?

You will have heard about those open web-based machine translation solutions (MT) that provide translations in a split second.
The quality is erratic. Possibly not great – but it might be OK for what you need here and now.

One thing for sure – they are fast. However, have you considered the security aspect?

The problem with open systems for machine translation is that they in some cases store your information. You cannot control where your translation could potentially end up.

Comply with your own security requirements and use a secure solution. At World Translation we offer an MT solution that provides several advantages:

  • SECURE – Security is in focus. You control where your data is stored.
  • FAST – Your translation is ready within a very short time. Independent of text length.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – The MT solution is an extra resource that can speed up the translation process. It’s reflected in the price you pay.
  • MATCHES YOUR STYLE – We can connect your translation memory to the MT solution. This way we not only use the machine translation, we also use all of your previous translations made with World Translation.
  • Machine translation levels – you choose:

    Raw machine translation
    Your text is machine translated and delivered directly to you in raw form.
    In raw form, context, culture and semantics have not been taken into account.
    No human has read or proofed the text. It is the fastest and cheapest solution.

    Light post-editing
    Your text is machine translated.
    It is then reviewed by a translator who checks to make sure the content of the translated text matches the original text.
    The text’s style and flow are unchanged.

    Full post-editing
    The text is checked by a translator.
    Grammar, syntax, semantics and style are checked and optimised.
    Full post-editing results in a translation of the highest quality.

    Machine translation on the go

    Have you heard of the World Translation Language Portal? It contains four solutions that you can access:

    Language Portal has been created for you, so you can work efficiently and smoothly with your language and translation tasks. Click here to learn more.

    InstantTranslate in Language Portal allows you to carry out machine translation no matter where you are. Also, when you are in a hurry. The solution is browser-based. All you need is internet access. Log in and translate what you need, so you can get on with the work. From a couple of words to whole files.

    Using InstantTranslate, you can utilise your translation memory (TM) at World Translation and one or more MT engines. This means you can utilise translation engines that are under constant development AND all your previous translations at World Translation. For example, if you often need to translate the same sentence or passage and it is stored in your TM, InstantTranslate will find the result immediately.

    If your company has defined your specific terminology, your terminology database can also be connected to InstantTranslate. This means that in InstantTranslate, you can also look up individual terms that your company has defined.

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    Want to know more?

    Marion Randelshofer

    Marion Randelshofer

    Head of Translation Department


    Tel.: +45 86 20 48 40

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