Professional machine translation for export companies with large volumes of text

Machine translation is here to stay

In recent years, technological developments, testing and adaptation of machine translation has meant that it has become a service that is here to stay. But it is important for us that we make sure you understand what it actually is.

Machine translation is translation using professional translation software that automatically translates text. Machine translation is frequently used when a large amount of content needs to be translated in a short space of time, where manual translation is not a practical solution. Depending on your needs, machine translated texts can also be edited after they have been translated (post editing).

Is machine translation the correct choice for your needs and preferences?

Even though there is still some uncertainty surrounding the concept machine translation, providers are demonstrating that a combination of machine translation and post-editing can produce very good results. However, this depends a great deal on the type of task, the language combination and the desired level of quality.

To get the best results, the machine needs to be trained with your company’s specific terminology and with all of the translations we carry out for you. The machine is solely trained to translate your texts and this means it is adapted to meet your needs and preferences.

At World Translation, we use machine translation with selected tasks and in close collaboration with the customer in question. We can provide different services related to machine translation to meet all of your needs. We also follow the developments in the field, and carry out on-going tests to ensure that the trained machines meet our expectations.

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