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We proofread your texts, regardless of whether they are written in English or in another language.
We ensure that your texts are corrected and sharpened, so you can be sure that your company appears as credible as possible.

Benefits of optimised text:
Professional, perfect communication
Your customers get a good first impression
Greater credibility in export markets
Adjusted to suit your target group
stronger company image

Proofreading and localisation helps you to make a good first impression

Websites, sales letters, brochures and printed material are often the customer’s first chance to get an impression of your company. This means that it is crucial that any minor or major textual, grammatical or stylistic errors are avoided, so that your company appears as credible as possible. World Translation proofreads your texts regardless of whether they have been written in English or another language. During the proofreading phase, we edit, rewrite, polish and sharpen the language and adapt it to suit the local environment.

It is not just important that your texts are grammatically correct. They must also be proofread in relation to cultural differences, norms, standards and the use of local symbols and meanings. In the translation industry, this service is known as localisation. These adaptations are often the final polishing that ensures your company’s communication appears professional in the export market.

With our extensive network of proofreaders, we can guarantee that your texts will be proofread by a language expert within your specialist field. Regardless of whether the text is a quick guide for a water meter, a website on safety equipment or a brochure for your next trade fair, the terminology will be correct. In addition, we use only native language proofreaders.

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Have your existing translations proofread

We do not just proofread your own texts. We of course also provide proofreading of translations. Perhaps your text was translated by a third party and you want World Translation to assess the translation. Or you are dissatisfied with the quality of the translation and want us to proofread it and optimise it. We can easily do this – we love to help.

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