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  2. Cookie Policy
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1. Privacy Policy

Data Processing

We process personal data and have consequently adopted this Privacy Policy, which describes how we process your personal data. When you visit our website you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy and other matters mentioned in the Policy.

Processing of personal data

We use data about you to improve our services and to ensure a consistent quality in our products and services and in our contact with you.

The data we use includes:

  • General personal data
Automatically collected data

Our website may automatically collect data in order to provide the best possible service, either directly by us or a third party on our behalf. Examples include cookies and analysis of click-through data. See more in Section 2. Cookies.

Information actively provided by you

We process data that users have actively provided to us. Examples of data actively provided by users include:

  • email, phone number etc.

It may also include information that you share with us when subscribing to a newsletter. You can read about subscription and unsubscription to our newsletter in Section 3. In addition, it may include information received by us in connection with enquiries to or from e.g. sales or customer service departments.

We only process relevant and necessary information

We collect and store your data for specific purposes or other legitimate business purposes. Such purposes may include: (non-exhaustive list)

  • Ordering of our services
  • Order processing and communication in connection with your order or other requests
  • Dialogue regarding our services
  • Adaptation of content in digital solutions
  • The possibility of digital participation in customer surveys
  • Confirmation of your identity in your communication with us.

If we have your explicit consent, or if you are an existing customer, we may contact you via the contact information provided by you for marketing, sales, advertising and analysis purposes. If you are an existing customer, we may contact you with relevant offers, information etc. We do not disclose your information to a third-party partner without your consent, unless a third-party partner is helping us conduct relevant initiatives in regard to the mentioned purposes.

We only process necessary personal data

We only process data about you that is necessary for fulfilling the purposes set out above. The purpose determines which type of data about you is relevant to us. The same applies for the extent of personal data we use. For instance, we do not use other data than the data we need for specific purposes. In addition, it may be laid down in legislation which types of data we need to collect and store for business purposes.

We want to be sure that we only process personal data that are necessary for each specific purpose. For that reason it has been embedded in our IT systems that only the necessary amount of data is to be collected. It is also automatically ensured that the scope of the processing is not unnecessarily broad, and that the storage period is not too long. In order to prevent third parties from obtaining access to your personal data, we also use solutions that will automatically ensure that certain data are only available for relevant employees. We have also embedded protection against an unlimited number of persons getting access to data.

We continuously monitor that your information is correct and will update it if necessary. As we are dependent on your contact information being correct, please inform us of any changes. When your information is no longer relevant, it will be deleted.


In order to ensure that your personal data are protected with us, we have adopted several internal rules including instructions and measures to protect your personal data against destruction, loss and third parties obtaining access to or knowledge of them. When you contact us with a request to amend or delete your personal data, we will determine whether the conditions have been met, and if so, we will make such amendment or deletion as soon as possible.

You are entitled to have access to your personal data

You are at any time entitled to be informed about the personal data we process about you, where they originate from and what we use them for. You can also be informed for how long we store your personal data and who receives data about you. Upon request, we can inform you about the data we process about you. Access may, however, be limited due to the protection of other people’s privacy, trade secrets and intellectual property rights. You are also entitled to amend information which in your opinion is imprecise. If you believe that your data are no longer required for the purposes for which we collected such data, you may ask to have them deleted. In addition, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. If such objection is justified, we will take action to ensure that your data are removed. You may enforce your rights by contacting us. Our contact information is displayed at the top of this Policy.

Policy updates

We endeavour at any time to comply with current legislation, including principles of privacy and data protection. Accordingly, we will update this Policy frequently, e.g. in case of amendments to legislation.

This privacy policy was last updated on 19 February 2019.

2. Cookie policy


When you visit our website, we collect information about you that we use to adjust and improve our content and ads.  If you do not want us to collect such information, please delete your cookies (see instructions) and please refrain  from further us of the website. Please find below some details about the information we collect, why we need that information and which third parties have access to this information.

A declaration of this websites use of cookies:

Purpose of using cookies on the websiteInternal/1st party cookiesExternal/3rd party cookies
Technical functionalityYESYES
Web traffic measurementYESYES
Individually targeted behavioural advertisingNONO

The website uses cookies, which is a text file that is stored on your computer, mobile or other devices with the purpose of recognizing your device, remembering device settings, perform statistical analyses and create targeted advertising. Cookies cannot contain harmful code such as a virus.

It is possible to delete or block cookies. See instructions.

If you delete or block cookies, ads may become less relevant to you and appear more frequently. In addition, you may risk that the website does not work properly and that there is content you cannot access.

The website includes third party cookies:

Google Analytics (traffic measurement)

We use cookies from Google Analytics for web traffic measurement.

You may opt out of cookies from Google Analytics here:

Personal data
In general

Personal data is all kinds of information that may be attributed to you to some extent. When using our website, we collect and process a variety of such information. This happens for example if you access content on our website, sign up for our newsletter, participate in competitions or surveys, register as a user or subscriber, other use of services or if you make a purchase through the website.

We typically collect and process the following types of information: A unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet or mobile phone, your IP-address, geographical location and the pages you click on (interests). To the extent you give your explicit consent thereto and enter the information yourself, we furthermore process: Name, phone number, email address, physical address and payment information. This is typically in connection with communication to us or when signing up for our newsletter, etc.


The information is used to track traffic on the website and deliver the services requested by you, e.g. to receive a newsletter. In addition, we use this information to optimise our services and content.


We have taken technical and organizational measures to prevent your information from being accidentally or illegally deleted, published, lost, impaired or falling into the hands of an unauthorised third party, misused or otherwise processed contrary to the law.

Storage period

The information is stored for the period that is allowed pursuant to legislation and will be deleted when no longer required. This period depends on the type of information and the reason for storage. Consequently, it is not possible to specify a general timeframe as to when information is deleted.

Disclosure of information

Information about your use of the website, which ads you receive and possibly click on, geographical location, gender and age segment etc. is disclosed to third parties in so far as such information is known. You can see the names of these third parties in the “Cookies” section above. The information is used to target advertising.

Disclosure of personal data, such as name and email address, etc., will only happen with your consent. We only use data processors located in the EU or in countries that can provide sufficient data protection.

This cookie declaration was last updated on 15-03-2018.

Your consent applies to the following domains: and

Third parties

Third parties with access to cookies and information about the use of this site:
This cookie declaration is provided by Cookie information.
This cookie declaration was last updated on 15-03-2018.


Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

Name: CookieConsent
Provider: Catapult
Purpose: Stores the user’s cookie consent state for the current domain.
Expiry: 1 year


Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites. The intention is to display ads that are relevant and engaging for the individual user and thereby more valuable for publishers and third party advertisers.
Name: Collect
Purpose: Used to send data to Google Analytics about the visitor’s device and behaviour. Tracks the visitor across devices and marketing channels.
Expiry: Session

Name: Sleeknote
Provider: Sleeknote
Expiry: Session
Purpose: Cookies from Sleeknote are used to gather information about wether you have subscribed to our newsletter, wether you are in a new session and to see how you entered the website. Learn more.

3. Newsletter subscription

When you subscribe to our newsletter, you accept that World Translation A/S may send newsletters to the email address you have registered.

Newsletters from World Translation A/S include tips, recent blog posts, information about products and company news. You will not receive other types of emails from us.

Data collection
By subscribing to our newsletter, you furthermore consent to World Translation A/S registering the information provided by you at the time of subscribing. Information will only be used internally and only in connection with the distribution of newsletters.

Newsletter unsubscription
You may at any time unsubscribe from our newsletter. When unsubscribing from our newsletter, all your information will be deleted from our system.

You can unsubscribe in two ways:

You may at any time unsubscribe to our newsletter by clicking on the link at the bottom of our newsletter.
You may also unsubscribe by sending an email to

Your rights
World Translation A/S complies with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data and you may at any time be informed which information we have registered about you. Only relevant persons have access to this information. This information will not be sold, rented or disclosed to a third party.

World Translation A/S complies with the Danish Marketing Practices Act, including the rules on good marketing practice.