Quality translation demands quality translators

In order to join our team of translators, you must be able to deliver translations of extremely high quality. For example, your translations must always be correct not only in terms of language, style and terminology, but also with regard to the consistency of the terms, expressions and abbreviations you use.

To make sure that all our translators are able to deliver texts that live up to our consistently high standards, we have a number of requirements that you need to meet if you are to work with us.

In order to join our team of translators, you must:

have a recognised translation qualification


have completed a different course of higher education + two years of documented experience as a full-time translator


have worked full-time with translation for at least five years.

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By the way … Sandrine regularly sends out tips, input and news from the industry to our network of freelancers.

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Meet a translator

“World Translation is my chosen family, and I am glad to say I work with the best people ever.

World Translation hosts a positive and inclusive work setting, with engaged professionals, commitment to clients and freelancers, and supportive, amazing individuals.

World Translation shares my core values as a professional translator: putting clients and end users first, building on a strong work ethic, reliability and adaptability.

World Translation is a fair and loyal employer, so it is easy to stay highly motivated and go the extra mile.”

Finnish translator, member of our network since 2009

“I’ve been working with World Translation since 2007 – so for quite some time now. What I value most in our work together is the respect we have for each other and the way we interact as equals. The high turnaround common at other translation companies isn’t a problem at World Translation, where you can really build a collaboration based on trust over the course of many years.

World Translation regularly sends me projects from many different fields. That kind of variation is very important to me.”

German translator, member of our network since 2007

These remarkable language specialists work with assignments into some of our leading target languages.

However, we have many more strings to our bow!
+75 target languages and +250 language combinations.

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