Abbreviations are part and parcel of our everyday lives. That is why we generally refer to ourselves as team WT.

Our large, new offices in Tilst, Denmark, offer plenty of space in both a physical and a metaphorical sense. We love meeting up for a chat by the coffee machine or having a quick game of table football when we need to stretch our legs.

We genuinely enjoy one another’s company, and we regularly arrange social events – everything from board game evenings to a company outing to Hamburg.

However, we have also embraced the concept of working from home. So when the day’s logistics have to work (which they must) but there is work to be done (which it must be!), we just work from home. No problem.

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We’re always happy to receive unsolicited applications. If you believe that you’re the missing piece of our puzzle, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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We’re the place to go for both! Send us an application or contact Marion (our COO and HR Manager) and ask your questions.

Meet a member of the WT team

“I look forward to going to work every day. You never know quite what the day will bring, and it’s precisely this variation that I love. I’m delighted that working with languages is such a large part of my working life, and it’s a real treat to be able to bounce ideas off so many colleagues skilled in so many languages.

The social environment is absolutely wonderful ─ we look after one another and have a lot of fun. And it’s understood that everyone has a family at home that deserves time and attention as well.”

Project Manager
Member of the WT team since 2015

The culture at World Translation is built on appreciating each and every employee for who he or she is.

Both your colleagues and your managers listen to you, and they take you seriously if something’s bothering you. In fact, you’re often asked if everything’s OK – and if it isn’t, you can be sure that a genuine effort will be made to deal with the issue.

This means that you feel included, part of the team, and that who you are and what you do makes a difference to your colleagues.

In the same way, there is plenty of support for your professional development, which means that you can always improve your skills in relevant areas and enjoy your work even more.

IT Supporter
Member of the WT team since 2014

“I’m always learning something new (because there is much more to translation than ‘just’ translating words and sentences). I’m developing my skills in the technology that underpins the translation profession – WT focuses strongly on training and development in all aspects of the work. For instance, I’m about to start a course to improve my German language skills.

I have just great colleagues at WT because WT lays the foundations for excellent camaraderie by organising company trips, the DHL fun run and Friday get-togethers, for example. As a result, lunch breaks in the kitchen are punctuated by great conversations and hearty laughter. An amazing atmosphere. I also appreciate the interaction with our translators and customers; we work really well together.

The excellent working relationship is one of the best things about WT: the way we work so well with each other at the office – there’s always someone there to lend a hand or to bounce ideas off – and with our translators and customers. We have a great team of translators who work hard to deliver top quality.”

Project Manager
Member of the WT team since 2021

Are we a match?
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We view unsolicited applications as quite a compliment.
We’re always on the lookout for other highly skilled people who can make us even better at what we do. And it is not uncommon for us to offer a place on our team to a highly motivated person who sends in an unsolicited application.

So if you think that you’re our next favourite colleague,
send us an unsolicited application along with your CV.

10 good reasons
to work for us

Health insurance

Table football

Health ambassadors

Trust and responsibility

We talk decently – with and about one another

High fives and appreciative cheering guaranteed

Transparency – we place our cards on the table at least once a month at our shared monthly meetings

Coffee, fruit and edible surprises

Several parties every year, as well as pop-up events

Shared account for team building activities

We live our values – every day!


We go the extra mile. In our work, of course.
But also in our camaraderie.


We look after each other. We talk respectfully. Both with and about one another, our customers, our partners and our friends.


We behave decently. Both when we’re “at home” and when we’re out and about.
It’s our reputation that’s at stake.

We are World Translation