The price we quote you is based parameters such as the type of text, the language combination(s) and the size of the translation memory we have built up for you. Since every project is tailored to you and your needs, we can’t operate with “standard prices”. Instead, we always quote the best possible price based on the parameters mentioned above. We do, however, apply minimum prices.

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Fast response: send us the text you need to have translated. We will then send you a no-obligation quote as soon as we have analysed the content.

Our project manager will send you a precise answer once he/she has analysed your text and checked the availability of the relevant translator(s). As a rule of thumb, however, a translator can generally process around 2,200 words per working day. As with all other rules, there are exceptions, but this gives you a good idea.

NB This estimate applies exclusively to the translation work. The time for file preparation, quality assurance and DTP is added separately.

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Our linguistically skilled project managers always run a thorough quality assurance process on your translations. In addition, we are happy to add in an extra round of proofreading by a language specialist other than the person who actually translated your text, if you request such a service.

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A great many! Right now, we translate into more than 75 languages in more than 250 language combinations. And our range of languages is expanding all the time. This is one of the big advantages of our model, which is based on a global network of freelance translators: every time a new need emerges, we recruit a language specialist who has what it takes to handle it.

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Since we started, we have worked primarily – and most regularly – with companies active in the fields of transport & logistics, software, data & IT, robot technology, agriculture, industry, and trade & service.

However, we cover many more areas than that, and we have translators with a variety of specialities on our books.

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If you specifically request it, machine translation is a tool we can apply to your project. Depending on your timeframe and what you intend to use the translation for, we may suggest it as a possible solution.

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There is no charge for a single user to use the Customer Portal. You simply need to ask us to create a user profile. To do so, get in touch with Marion.

The cost of using our Language Portal depends on how many of the four solutions available on the portal you wish to access. Contact Peter for an explanation of the various scenarios, or click here to find out more about the four solutions in our Language Portal.

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