The four functions of our Language Portal

You can access all four functions if this best suits your needs, or you can limit your use to one or more of the four if that makes better sense in your situation.


The Language Portal Translation function is the solution for you if you’re looking to handle all – or some of – your translations in-house and are keen to systematise them.

This option allows you to work in a CAT tool designed specifically for translation. You can work with Translation Memories (TMs) where your translations are safely stored for use in future assignments. This helps ensure consistency over time, because you can always refer to your own database. It also lets you work more efficiently because you can work with your colleagues and reuse content from previous assignments without having to start from scratch every time.


The Language Portal Review function allows you to check through the translations that our translators have prepared for you. This is an ideal solution if you do not have the time and/or the resources to handle translation work in-house, but have the linguistic skills to check the translations supplied.

It can also be a relevant option if you would like to be actively involved in the process and want to be able to make adjustments or changes, or to make comments on the translated text before we deliver the final version to you.


The Language Portal machine translation solution – InstantTranslate – is perfect for you if you need to translate a short or long text here and now, without ultra-stringent requirements on quality. For example, you may need to translate an answer in a mail thread, or you may simply need to get the gist of a file here and now.

It is also the solution to choose if you don’t want to work with the various publicly available machine translation solutions that offer less than fully secure processing of your texts – because the content of your texts is confidential or otherwise sensitive, for example.

The unique feature of this solution is that it is simultaneously linked to your TMs and terminology databases. This means that content which has already been translated can be reused from the previous translations and does not need to be run through the machine again.


Our Language Portal Terminology solution provides you and your colleagues with direct access to your company’s terminology database. This means that you can always look up your own terms and expressions, no matter where you may be.

A practical example:

Suppose you are talking to a colleague at your site in Spain. You may be having the conversation in English and want to make absolutely sure that you’re talking about exactly the same component.

With access to our Language Portal Terminology solution, you can quickly look up the relevant word in your company’s terminology database and find the appropriate term into Spanish.



“Get these 200 pages translated NOW! I need them in 15 minutes.”


“Our dealer in Barcelona wants to check through the translation before it’s printed.”


“Get Daniel to translate that for you.
It’s what he’s there for.”


“We have a whole team to take care of communication with Germany. Ask them.”

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