There is more to translation than simply translating.

In many cases, a translated text has to be much more than a direct translation of the words in the source text.

There are a great many features that can vary from one language to another: technical terms, linguistic subtleties, “no-go” phrases, tone, style and more.

Then there is the issue of your company’s specific tone of voice and perhaps even the special names you use for your products. Or even the inexplicable gut feeling that one expression suits your situation better than another.

There can be all kinds of good reasons why you would want to read through your translations yourself before they are released for general publication. For example, it could be because you have not (yet) defined your company-specific terminology, or that you have not (yet) set up a terminology database at World Translation for use on all translation projects.

The Review solution in our Language Portal helps make the process as effective and streamlined as possible!

Look under the hood

Wave goodbye to manual corrections and handwritten notes

Bye-bye to entering comments and corrections manually in a multi-page PDF. And bye-bye to crossing out paragraphs and scribbling handwritten additions to hard-copy documents before scanning them, returning them and hoping to high heaven that your professional translator can decipher your handwriting.

The Review solution in our Language Portal provides a professional setup that helps minimise the risk of human error and misunderstandings. You view the translation side-by-side with the source text on your monitor. You can make corrections and add notes directly in the translated text, and you can even see the changes in a version of your original layout in real time at the top of the screen.

Just a few clicks are all it then takes for us to save your changes in your bespoke Translation Memory (TM), so you can be sure that precisely the wording you chose is available to reuse in your future projects.

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