Scenario #1: InstantTranslate

Your company does not have the internal resources to take care of translations in-house. However, you regularly need one or more of the following:

  • A “here and now” translation that does not have to be perfect,
    but which should, as far as possible, match your existing content (you have access to your company’s TM).
  • Translation of a rather long text that is only to be used to gain a general understanding of the content on a tight deadline.
  • Translation of material for internal processing,
    where you want to use as much as possible from your “old” texts.

If one or more of the situations outlined above sounds familiar, then access to our Language Portal Machine Translation solution (InstantTranslate) is what you need. This tool allows you to run a machine translation of individual words, separate sentences or entire documents, and see the result straight away.

The solution is not unlike running your text through Google Translate or similar publicly available machine translation solutions. However, InstantTranslate provides a number of appreciable benefits:

  • Your translation is processed in a secure environment, so you need not worry about it “ending up somewhere or other on the internet”.
  • You can draw on your own TMs, which will allow you to use as much as possible from your previous translations – ensuring consistency across your translation output.

And if your company has a list of specific technical terms that you have systematised in a terminology database stored with us, you can combine access to InstantTranslate with access to this termbase.

Scenario #2: Review

Professional, error-free communication in all markets every single time is the be all and end all for your company. You prioritise professional translations and have both the desire and the competence to proofread the translated texts before they are finally published. In this way, you can ensure that the translations use your specific technical terminology and match your corporate tone of voice.

Access to our Language Portal Review function allows you to:

  • View the source and target texts side by side as the optimal basis for comparison.
  • Make corrections directly in the translation.
  • View the translated text in the desired layout.
  • See your adjustments in layout in real time.
  • Check the match rate with your TM for each individual segment.

Scenario #3: Translation + InstantTranslate

You work at a company with strong linguistic skills in-house, and you have the resources to handle some or many of your translation requirements yourself. However, you may need to send some types of projects involving specific language combinations to World Translation. So you need to have your own translation work processes systematised and streamlined in this regard.

In this scenario, you have much to gain by using the Translation solution in our Language Portal. This is a highly professional translation tool that you can use to work with translations as efficiently as our professional translators. In addition, you can draw on your own TMs, enabling you to reuse content from previous translations – both the ones you have handled yourself using the translation tool, and the ones our professional translators have done for you.

There may also be times when things have to move fast ─ faster than your own language team can manage. This is where the Machine Translation solution in our Language Portal really comes into its own. With access to InstantTranslate, you can run machine translation of entire texts, specific sections or even individual words in a secure environment. And, of course, you can draw on your own TMs and termbases as well.

InstantTranslate provides a solid base for generating machine translated texts that are as good as they can possibly be.

Scenario #4: The full package

You are employed at a large, multinational company, where you work with a variety of languages for many different markets. You have linguistically skilled staff in-house who take care of your translation tasks – either to all the languages you work with, or to a select few. In certain situations, you also need access to machine translation: when speed is of the essence, for example, or when you just need to understand the gist of a text. You also have a comprehensive and detailed list of corporate terminology that everyone in the company has to use.

The total volume of texts for translation may exceed the capacity of your in-house language resources, which means you may need to outsource some of your translation projects – specific types of project, for example, or translations to “niche” languages that your in-house resources do not cover.

In such cases, it would be relevant for your company to have access to all four functions in our Language Portal:


Translation: your own CAT tool for systematising all the translations you handle in-house.

Review: the tool for proofreading your translated texts – translations you have either done in-house or commissioned from World Translation’s professional translators.

InstantTranslate: a secure machine translation solution.

Terminology: full control of your defined terminology.


Access to all four functions provides you with the best possible foundation for an efficient, streamlined and professional process to handle all your in-house translations and other language-related tasks.

At the same time, it helps ensure that your own translations gel neatly with the tasks you outsource to your language partner. There is simply no finer way to streamline your entire process!

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