Optimise your routines and streamline your translation process

If you are tired of copying texts in your systems, preparing them, sending them out for translation and then afterwards having to implement the translations in the appropriate places, then we have the solution that you need.

We can provide a whole portfolio of 25 out-of-the-box connectors for different types of systems: CM systems, e-commerce platforms, customer service platforms, documentation management systems and much more.

For example, do you use WordPress, Umbraco, SalesForce, Episerver or Sitecore? We have connectors for those too!

Download the flyer and get a complete overview

Why and when using a connector
is a good idea

  • Your website is updated on an ongoing basis with new content, which requires translation.
  • Your online product catalogues are available in several languages, which must be maintained on an ongoing basis.
  • Your software is updated on an ongoing basis in your corporate language and must be translated into one or several other languages at the same time.
  • You manage large multilingual support databases.

The entire portfolio to date:

With a connector for one or several of your systems, you acquire a completely new approach to the management of content in several languages. A connector provides you with a streamlined and simple translation process. You save time because you eliminate the need for unnecessary manual tasks.

You send your content for translation directly from your system, which is integrated with our translation technology, and the translations are implemented directly in your system in the desired location.

Download our PDF flyer which lists all of the connectors and explains your options and benefits:

Want to know more?

Peter Davidsen

Head of Sales and Marketing

E-mail: peter.davidsen@worldtranslation.com

Tel.: +45 86 20 48 08

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