Professional desktop publishing and creative layout

Integration of desktop publishing in the translation process

World Translation’s team of desktop publishing professionals ensure that translation, layout and graphic design all come together. When we translate your manuals, brochures and catalogues to one or several languages, you also have the option of ordering print-ready files on delivery. In other words, you receive the translation in the same layout as the original file. This means that you avoid having to use internal resources in laying out the text for each individual language and at the same time, we help you to minimise time-to-market by integrating the graphical work in the translation process. We carry out desktop publishing (DTP) for all languages and in all file formats, regardless of whether you work on a MAC or PC.

Graphical layout of your material

We can also take care of the graphical layout of your documents. Do you have a product that needs to be marketed using a new brochure? Or have you developed a new version of your machine and you want a new design for your manual? Then contact us at +45 86 20 48 48. Our graphic artists can manage your content, so the layout is perfect.

The ideal desktop publishing software for every task

When it comes to desktop publishing and layout tasks, we use a range of layout, 3D, graphics and desktop publishing software, including:

    • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
    • Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, FrameMaker, etc.)
    • QuarkXPress
    • AutoCAD
    • Corel Draw

Of course you can send the files to us in your preferred format, because our translation tools can be combined with any of these software applications.

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Marion Randelshofer

Head of Translation Department


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