Professional, thoroughly checked translations take pride of place in the world of business – as we hope you agree. That is certainly what we believe here at World Translation.

But there are times when speed is of the essence:

  • Like when your input is required on the contents of a lengthy report.
  • Or when you need to get the general gist of a text so you can carry on working without pause.

And sometimes, 100% grammatical accuracy and five-star quality may not be strictly necessary:

  • Like when you receive an email that you need to be able to summarise here and now.
  • Or when you want a general overview of a seriously large amount of text so you can decide which parts need the attention of a professional translator, and which parts are less relevant.

At the same time, it is important to you and your organisation that, as far as possible, the translation contains your company’s approved technical terms and aligns with your previously translated material.

InstantTranslate, the Machine Translation feature of our Language Portal, provides you with precisely this bonus, because it is linked to your company’s bespoke Translation Memory (TM). This means that as much content as possible is initially translated using matches from your TM, and machine translation is only applied to the sections that are not already to be found in your TM.

Look under the hood

Secure, efficient, fully customised machine translation

There is a lot to be said for open, freely accessible machine translation solutions such as Google Translate. However, the pertinent fact here is that solutions of this kind are open. If the content of your text is confidential or otherwise sensitive, you should only use open solutions like these with the greatest caution.

In contrast, Language Portal’s machine translation solution, InstantTranslate, leverages a significantly more secure architecture. This approach affords users greater control of their data.

Another excellent feature of InstantTranslate is that it allows you to draw on results from your Translation Memories (TMs) and your terminology database (if you have one) in one and the same process. When you use InstantTranslate to translate a text, you will therefore automatically reuse as much as possible from your previous translations. In practice, this means that machine translation will only be applied to the content that is “new” in this context.

Which brings us back once again to the issue of efficiency and uniformity over time, which you can find out more about in the presentation of our Language Portal Translation solution.

InstantTranslate is also the ideal solution for you if you often need a rough understanding of foreign language texts while you are out and about. Do you travel to other countries to visit customers? Or do you attend a lot of trade fairs? In such situations, you may often need a “right here, right now” understanding of various texts.

You can access InstantTranslate from anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection. You log in via a browser and can then quickly run a text through the machine. Secure, efficient and with extensive reuse of any texts you have previously had translated at World Translation.

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