Picture this …

You handle minor translation tasks in-house instead of outsourcing them.

And there was a great little phrase in the press release/user guide/sales brochure/[insert relevant text type yourself] that you wrote three or four months ago. And now you want to use it again.

But can you remember what you named the file back then, or precisely where you saved it?

Maybe not.

Or perhaps you often have to write texts which should ideally use the same trade terminology and product names, or feature the same style or tone of voice.

In order to work effectively and use consistent formulations over time, you therefore need to reuse as much as you can from your previous texts.

You can, of course, handle all the above manually, but once you start to build up a large number of texts and files, it is frustratingly easy to confuse one with the other. However, you are still keen to handle your translation work yourself.

If this is the case, then the Translation solution in the World Translations Language Portal is exactly what you need!

This is because the solution allows you to work in a professional translation tool (CAT tool) that is designed specifically for your translation projects. For example, you can work just like a professional translator would, using a translation memory (TM) and other relevant tools.

A TM is a database containing all your translations in the appropriate language combination. This database serves as a source of reference when you’re working on a new translation project. Your CAT tool automatically compares every new sentence with all your previously translated material to check whether there is a match.

If so, you can choose to use it again, or to make whatever minor adjustments you consider necessary. In this way, you can work efficiently and consistently with your translations, eliminating the need to “start from scratch” after every full stop.

Look under the hood

Draw on the results from your professional translations

It could be that you occasionally encounter bottlenecks that prevent you from managing everything yourself. In such cases, it can be helpful to have the option of calling on a large network of translators, like the one we have at World Translation.

If you use our Language Portal Translation solution, you will always be able to draw on the results from the professionally translated texts in your own projects. Just like professional translators can reuse the results from your translations.

Which brings us back, once again, to the issue of efficiency and consistency over time.

Open up your product
to the whole world