What is a connector?

As the name suggests, a “connector” (or an “integration”) provides a connection between two different systems that helps these two systems to work together.

In our context – i.e. the world of translation – a connector represents a connection between our translation tool and your system (for example, CMS, PIM, an e-commerce platform, a documentation management system or similar).

An integration between our system and yours makes it possible, with just a few clicks, to send your texts to our system for translation and then have the translations sent directly back to your system afterwards.

It makes sense!

A connector between your system and our translation tool is ideal when, for example:

  • you regularly update your website with new content that needs to be synchronised in all the languages you use.
  • you publish online catalogues in multiple languages, which require ongoing maintenance.
  • your software receives regular updates which need to apply in multiple languages.
  • you work with multilingual support databases.

There are many more potential scenarios, of course. Tell us about yours.
Then we’ll work out what might make most sense for you.

The benefits of a connector

Køreklar løsning

Out-of-the-box solution

Connectors are integrations that have already been tested and made user-friendly.

Kendt interface

Familiar interface

Connectors function as a plugin for your system, so there is no need to learn a new interface.

Sikkerhed _02


Secure handling of your content.


Risk minimisation

The high degree of automation helps you minimise the risk of errors.

Have your website translated in just a few clicks

We are an official translation partner with WPML (the WordPress Multilingual Plugin). This means that a few clicks are all you need to send us your website texts for translation. We then return the translations directly to your WordPress platform, ready for publication.

How WPML works


Have us translate precisely what you need, precisely when you need it. 

InstantTranslate (Language Portal)_02_orange

Order your translation with just a few clicks.

E-commerce og hjemmesider_02_orange

Receive the translation automatically, inserted directly in precisely the right place.

After you have installed the WPML plugin, it is quick and easy to select the pages you need translated – and choose the languages they need to be translated into. 

Once you have selected the content, choose World Translation as the translation provider and send the relevant pages off for translation at the click of a single button. 

When the translation is complete, the content can be uploaded automatically so that it is sent directly to the right place on your website, without your having to do anything at all.


Get off to a good start with us

So how can you start using WPML with us? It’s not difficult at all.

In the “Getting Started” guide, you can see which initial steps you need to take:

  • Install the relevant WPML plugins in your WordPress setup
  • Request an activation code (API Token), which allows you to connect your website with our system
  • Use the WPML plugin in WordPress to send us the content you need to have translated, and we’ll send you a no-obligation quote for the work
  • Have the finished translations returned directly to your WordPress system and implement them on your website

What does it cost?

Once you have installed WPML and linked up with us via your activation code, you can use the WPML website word count tool to count the words in your content. Send us the total word count, and we’ll send you a quote for the translation.

Did you know …

… that we only translate sections of text that have changed in relation to the translations we have previously done for you?

This means you can save more and more money in the long run!

Case study: quality check of website and integration with WordPress

Viemose DGS already ran a multilingual website, but had some doubts about the quality of the texts.

Our working relationship kicked off with a thorough quality check of the texts and resulted in an integration between our two systems with a view to streamlining the translation process.

Want to connect even more?

If you really like the idea of streamlined processes and smooth work procedures, take a look at our portals, too.

Language Portal

Our Language Portal can help you to work professionally with languages: translation, review, machine translation and terminology.

We tailor your access to match your requirements.
We call this “fit for purpose”.

Customer Portal

With one free user profile for our Customer Portal, you can maintain a full overview of all your activities with us.

You can order translations, upload files, check the status of all your projects and generate reports.
Very convenient!


Peter has the answers!

If you have any questions about the opportunities open to you with connectors and WPML, give Peter a call on +45 86 20 48 08, email him or book an online meeting directly in his schedule.

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