What is MadCap Flare?

MadCap Flare is a single-source software product designed to assist companies in streamlining the preparation of their technical documentation as well as teaching and development programmes. MadCap Flare enables companies to make the most of their content and provides a fantastic shortcut for re-using content from one file to the next.

We are experts in translating these technically complicated files correctly and ensuring that our customers can quickly ready their content for new markets.

What can MadCap Flare do?

MadCap Flare covers your entire workflow for the development of technical documentation. It neatly combines all the associated work processes: import of existing content, copywriting, review, translation, publication and analysis.

Our approach:
Fit for purpose

MadCap Flare is a powerful and complex piece of software. The translation process can be correspondingly complex when you need to localise your MadCap content for new markets. Fortunately, we are experts in dealing with this complexity in a professional and efficient manner, so you will hardly notice it.

Our approach to translation in MadCap Flare makes things remarkably simple for you: we adapt the process involving MadCap Flare tasks to suit the need of the individual customer. The parts of the process we deal with for our different customers vary greatly, because the whole point is that the setup should make sense to you.

Some customers send us complete MadCap Flare projects including all the source files, commissioning us to take responsibility for the entire process and simply return the MadCap Flare project fully translated and finalised. This procedure also involves us handling the creation of target output files in PDF or HTML format, for example. Here, our skilled project managers work closely with all the relevant parties (translators, file engineers and, in many cases, the customer’s own reviewers in the different countries) to ensure that both the linguistic and the technical quality meet the agreed criteria. In such cases, the customer’s work in connection with the translation is kept to an absolute minimum.

Other customers send us XLF files that have been exported from MadCap Lingo. In these cases, our input is limited exclusively to the actual translation work, while the customer handles the creation of the target output files.

We work closely with your MadCap manager to define the most appropriate approach. We are extremely flexible and can adjust the process to meet your needs.

Your language expert explains:

“We can receive the customer’s complete MadCap project and then prepare it ourselves so that only the relevant files are translated. These projects often contain hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of files, so it can be difficult for the customer to determine what is – and isn’t – relevant for translation. On a given customer’s projects, we can, for instance, ‘lock’ context matches so that the customer doesn’t have to pay for them. This also makes it quicker and easier for the customer to implement updates and corrections.

Once we have finished the translation, we create output PDFs and have our translators proofread them. We can then provide our customers with fully finalised projects which, in principle, require no additional work once we have returned them. The process can, of course, be adapted to accommodate the customer’s specific wishes, short deadlines and the like.”

Senior Project Manager

Are you hooked?

Get in touch with us and ask your questions! We have everything you need if you’re looking to determine whether MadCap Flare is the software for you, and/or could use a hand in getting started. And if you already use the software but now have to tackle the first translation assignment, you’ve come to the right place.

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