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Translations (including machine translation and SEO-based translation), DTP, proofreading, terminology management – we’re passionate professionals in all these areas.

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All the translations we create for you belong to you. As do the text databases we maintain for you.

In addition, our portals make it easy for you to order new translations, to maintain an overview of your projects and to work professionally with language assignments.

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The human touch

We’re not machines. Neither are you. So it’s only natural for us to meet face to face when we can, see eye to eye with each and every customer and communicate on a personal level.


We strive to understand even the smallest details of what you need. We achieve this through personal investment and honest, transparent dialogue.

Personal Investment

We take care of one another. We place emphasis on showing genuine interest when talking to each other. We’re not afraid to speak up when we think that something doesn’t align with your needs. And then we work to come up with a better solution. Together.

We are World Translation

Our door is always open

We work from beautiful new premises in Tilst, just outside Aarhus in Denmark. You’re always welcome to drop by to have a cup of coffee and get to know us in person.

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